Rugani & Rugani llc
Pittsburgh, PA.

Bio: Vincent Rugani Sr. balances more than just a cleaning business in Pittsburgh, PA that has been going strong 15 years, but also a non-toxic cleaning product called Flat Screen Clean™ to clean all flat and touch screen devices. As President and CEO of Rugani & Rugani LLC, Vincent was the founder of Flat Screen Clean™ because he found with the evolvement of technology with flat and touch screens, he needed a safe and effective way to clean all of the new devices. Rugani & Rugani LLC was not just a company that conjured up something in a lab, but with field experience and testing for over three years daily to ensure the product was shelf ready and environmentally friendly. Vincent is proud to say at Rugani & Rugani LLC we have created a non-toxic solution with consumer health in mind. Vincent was raised growing up with the core value to pay it forward on the front end and when you have the means to give you give. The charitable amount incorporated in the price of the product allows us to pay it forward. Want to know more? Don’t hesitate to contact us at FSC@flatscreenclean.com.

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