How to you clean a curved TV with Flat Screen Clean™

by Rugani & Rugani llc

How to you clean a curved TV with Flat Screen Clean™
It’s not clean… It’s Flat Screen Clean™
Cleans all Flat Screens, Touch Screen Devices, Computer, Smartphone, Tablet and Curved TVs!


Directions for use of Flat Screen Clean™:
Power off before cleaning and make sure screen cools down
As easy as 1-2-3! Directions:
1. Shake bottle
2. Spray at least 4 inches from surface of your flat, touch screen or curved TV
3. Wipe screen with your 16”x16” Super Blue Microfiber Towel™
Repeat if necessary!
DO NOT SPRAY TOWEL (will not produce the same results if towel is sprayed)
Store in a cool and dry place